Cognitive Leap Co-founder Shan Zhong Invited to Present at Harvard Virtual Reality and Healthcare Symposium


Mar. 5-6 2018
Cognitive Leap Cofounder Shan Zhong was invited to present at annual Harvard Virtual Reality and Healthcare Symposium 2018. The conference invites speakers from innovative and leading companies in VR and technology industry, which include Google, HP, HTC, etc. Shan shared one presentation with the title: Pioneering innovation of VR and AI in Mental Health: Real Application. Real Impact, which introduced Cognitive Leap`s work of Virtual Classroom Attention Assessment product.  Within as short as 13 minutes, the Virtual Classroom Attention Assessment tool has been able to integrate myriads of data from motion sensors and neuropsychological testing performance and generate algorithm-based predicative value to help people assess Child attention profiles.
harvard medical vr conference