Virtual Classroom Attention Evaluation System


Virtual Classroom Attention Evaluation System set real classroom as environment. It offers 13-min quick attention test by tracking CPT (continuous performance test) and body motion data with a comprehensive, scientific and objective report. This system had already been used and tested in many well-known US and China hospitals, clinics and schools, like Stanford University, Duke Affiliate Clinic, School in Texas, etc.  Cognitive Leap had also filed FDA submission.




Cognitive Leap Virtual Classroom Attention Evaluation System is designed to evaluate performances across multiple attention and hyperactivity dimensions. Specific attention and hyperactivity features were extracted from CPT (continuous performance test) and motion tracker records. These features of a specific test taker are compared with normative people in corresponding age and gender group served as a percentile analysis. It also applies machine learning technology using clinical data to calculate an integrated prediction score. 

CL System

Cognitive Leap provides multi-user, multi-location Cloud management system for Virtual Classroom Attention Evaluation System, which will be commercially used in Cogleap Center in Shanghai this October 2018. Multi-users include customers, center administrators and Cognitive Leap administrators, who can go online and access their own website to view and manage the whole test process on any device anywhere. Customers can fill out questionnaires and view report while administrators can register and manage tests from the website with paperless method. Our test data can be stored at local computer for backup and syncing in Cloud database for further data analysis and report generating. Our Cloud distributed system provides quicker and safer service for data storage, data analysis, data visualization and report generating. The whole system is based on Cloud, which helps VC system become more reliable, more efficient and more intelligent.